Talent Plus Sexiness and a Whole Ton of Charisma is Coming Your Way, Courtesy of Benjamin Hey!


Talent plus sexiness and a whole ton of charisma is coming your way courtesy of Benjamin Hey!who has officially dropped his first full length album today, January 10, called LAX.

Ben has categorically become one of the biggest names that is on people's lips in and out of the entertainment industry. Looks aside, he's a talented individual both in the singing and writing department, as he's worked with big names like Laverne Cox who he co-wrote "Beat For The Gods" with.

That track became a huge success for both of them last year, and now its Benjamin's turn to bring his lyrical game to the masses on a solo level in 2019 with his stellar album that is worth the listen to and then some.

Ben is taking ambition to a whole other level with LAX as he's not only supplied 14 fantastic tracks within it, but he also plans to shoot videos for each of the songs as well. Talk about a Beyonce 2.0 situation here!

Benjamin Hey! Feature with Rust & Fray

“When I complete a song by putting music with lyrics and melody, I’m extremely happy. To have something start out as an idea and then have it be realized is the greatest feeling in the world.” – says R&B artist Benjamin HEY !. His new single California Ave from his LAX album will be released this Friday and we are super excited about it!

Ben graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Marketing Management and went on to explore a career path full of diverse experiences including an internship at MTv. He is currently a Group Fitness Instructor with Equinox and a private personal trainer to a lucky few while pursuing his passion for music as a songwriter and R&B artist.

In his spare time, Ben loves playing Words with Friends and old school video games like Nintendo and Super Nes. He’s a self proclaimed Super Mario nerd and loves geeking out for hours playing those games. He also loves superhero movies – “they remind me that helping others less fortunate is extremely important!” Five years from now Ben sees himself reigning the Billboard charts. “I will be a force that creates momentum and opportunities for driven and hungry individuals like me who have come from abuse and low socio economic backgrounds.” His favorite quote “I aspire to inspire before I expire” sums up his life’s motto well.

Sustainable to Ben means sufficient, powerful, thorough, tough, reliable, reuseable, and withstands the tests of hardship and obstacle. “I am sustainable.”

You inspire us Benjamin Hey!!


Benjamin Hey! Brings Sexy, Soul & Sophistication Back to the Biz


Benjamin Hey! has tons to bring to the table in the music industry. Good looks, great vocals and a ton of self awareness could make him the next big thing.  Upon first listen to his record “LAX”, its very clear that he is bringing back the three s’ to the music industry: sexy, smooth and sophistication.  In a time where music is running high on stale material, Benjamin Hey! could easily be a fresh spin on what’s going on right now. 

I spoke with Benjamin Hey! a little time ago in Hell’s Kitchen and got to understand his passion for his music, which he goes into at great lengths below.  Take the smoothness of Usher with the charismatic flavor of Trey Songz with a hint of Michael Jackson and the solution is him.  Here’s why....