This year is off to a great start. I put the Grammy’s on my calendar for January 28 with the hopes that I’d be walking the red carpet as a guest of a blogger friend. When things fell through last minute, I got into high gear, calling entertainment and powerful contacts I had. I had it in my head that I’d be at the Garden that night. I was still not willing to let go of the intention I set.

The morning of, I still had no tickets or confirmation for the Grammy’s. My spirit was down but a glimmer of hope still lived in me.
After praising at Hillsong, I got a message in my heart that said “Take action son and don’t give up!” I spoke to one of my pastors after the service and let him know of my idea of going to the Garden and just humbly asking.
He responded, “Sometimes we have to put action behind our faith.” I was willing.

Outside of the Garden, I met behind the scenes talent and guests. I complemented early arrivals walking by on their fashionable looks and I allowed myself to be vulnerable and deal with the rejection. After passing out my last business card, a text message from one of my mentors suddenly came through. “Ben, I have 2 tickets for you for the Grammy’s and the after party.”
I lit up like fireworks! I responded, “Are you serious?!!” He was.

The Grammy’s were so surreal. To be in the Garden amongst talent like Elton John, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Bruno Mars & Cardi B to name a few...was an honor. I was supposed to be in that was destiny!

I’m so grateful that I did not give up.

I’m so glad I listened to God. Even when He is late, He is always on time!


Andrew Tran