Last year I moved to LA for 30 days with the intention of immersing myself in my creativity. (BENHEYALLDAYLA30DAY)

One of the amazing gifts of that trip was catching up with my good friend, Laverne Cox and catching up on life. I let her listen to some demos I’d been working on and she shared with me this idea she had for a song. Being the listener I am, I made plans to get her in the studio with Jonny (producer Jonny On The Rocks) & myself. What we created was so much fun and I got to collaborate and co-write with an amazingly talented artist. We were having a party in that session and I got to see her transform in front of that microphone. I’m so proud of Laverne! Her drive is unmatched. She is a Boss & I’m grateful to have her in my corner! This is just one of the many collaborations to come.

Beat For The God’s can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and other streaming services.

Andrew Tran