First I want to say, thank you for supporting my dream and me. I’ve dreamed of being an entertainer since I was a youngun and every year I’m realizing that dream. This year started with a bang! I got to attend the 60th Grammy Awards in January at Madison Square Garden. “Beat For The Gods,” a song I collaborated with Laverne Cox on, was released this year. That song made it to the Billboard Charts! At one point it was sandwiched between Craig David & Justin Timberlake. How cool is that!
I can now say I’m a Billboard songwriter.

My name has gotten more visibility and press. I’ve released two audio/visuals and one more is on the way before Christmas. After a 5 year hiatus, I returned to the stage with my own show at The Delancey in NYC (The Return of Benjamin Hey!) It was such an invigorating experience, I don’t ever want to take that long of a break again.

I’ve written over 350 songs this year alone in different genres. I’ve gotten to collaborate with amazing songwriters, producers and photographers. I was sought out by a major Hollywood director for an acting audition.

My social media platform has grown to 22,000 followers, more than doubling who was there last year. I’m just super grateful that people find me interesting enough to follow and support.

My number one goal is to obtain a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song credit as an artist and songwriter. I truly believe I’ve been harvesting these past few years. I’m looking to 2019 which will provide fruit from my hard work. Stay tuned for my debut full length release....LAX which arrives 1-11-19

In the spring, there will be “Taking Flight”
This artistic nude photo book has personal stories about my life and creative journey. I continue to work at giving and producing quality content as I believe I am here to entertain and be of service through song.

There’s still 2 weeks left and on God’s time some amazing things can happen in this 12th inning! I’m grateful that I’m always at bat and ready to make base hits and home runs!!

Thank you for following along the journey with me. More will be revealed.....


Andrew Tran