School's In Session

When I think of September, I always think about going back to school. Since I'm wayyy out of school, I now use September as the time to get my goals in gear. For this month I want to keep building on what I've been doing so far. I've been consistently writing a song a day since April/May. I will continue to do that and step it up by composing chords and music to go with those lyrics. I've been working on visibility and it's actually starting to pay off. I finally hit 1000 followers on Instagram. This is a combo of people who know me and complete strangers. It excites me to put my artistry on the radar of complete strangers. I've also scored a couple interviews. You can read them in the press section of my page. Last but not least,  I've also been building my team so that I can keep growing my visibility and get closer to obtaining my dream. Follow along the journey! 

Benjamin Damptey