If I ever doubted my talent or the fact that God/Universe is conspiring for me,  I have the last trip to LA to remind me. I'm exactly where I need to be and doing exactly what I need to be doing. 


If you haven't watched the 30 day blog I'll give the highlights.

I lost my backpack that had my passport, laptop, money and hard drive with all my songs. Prayer, a stranger in a black Mercedes and my unwillingness to accept defeat helped me recover that bag! God is good!

I got to a music networking event where I met a new collaborator and photographer. 

I did a photo shoot near the Hollywood sign and I think one of those shots will be my EP cover.

My new collaborator and I worked on 3 songs.

My main collaborator and I worked on 29 songs.

Total 31 songs!!

I took 4 dance classes and befriended a choreographer who got 4 talented dancers for me for a music video.

I shot a total of 5 music videos!

I was able to hire talented dancers, actors and an assistant to help execute my vision.

I got to perform in Long Beach at a cool open mic with other talented musicians.

I also got to collaborate on a song with an A-list superstar that I pray gets released. 

Last but not least, I was also able to hike, spend time with family, eat great food, get to the beach and catch up with friends! I feel like I building a second life in LA. For now I will continue to be bicoastal and eventually I will move there! 

My biggest takeaway.....

If there's a dream calling you, you must explore it. I'm learning so much about my self by listening to these nudges. I feel like I'm being aligned with my purpose to create. I will continue to take action. 

Keep following my amazing journey! 

This message has been brought to you by Benjamin Hey! leader of the  "Hey! Team"

Benjamin Damptey