Sometimes we run so far from the bad memories that we leave the good ones behind too. Growing up in the hood I've seen and experienced things no one should. Those painful memories fueled me to succeed in life so that I wouldn't live a in circumstances like I've experienced in childhood. As I've gotten wiser I've revisited the past for the sake of growth, for the sake of healing and for the sake of why I'm art. I rapped before I sang and on this coming album LAX I get to display that shade. I get to write about the drama I've experienced first and second hand. On a deeper level. I realized that I've had to split myself as a survival technique and be different things for different people. Now I'm uniting those selves into one. I want people to look at me like a palette with various colors. Music is the paintbrush currently in hand. I love that I get to paint with pop, hiphop, r&b and electronic music to name a few. I owe it all to my the life experience I've accumulated and it feels great to share my art with you all. I look forward to displaying LAX.

Benjamin Damptey