Mental Real Estate


I want to talk about mental real estate

As I get older I realize that my brain power is strongest when my mental real estate is strong. For so many years I took in information that clouded my brain with toxicity and vagueness and it had me feeling robotic. Every day felt like Groundhog Day....a boring repetition of the same. It was as if I was walking through life with an Instagram filter over my eyes. News outlets, reality tv (my guilty pleasure), violent movies & porn would leave an imprint on my brain which lasted longer than I would like to admit. It was hard for me to be present because I was stuck in my head or stuck in the past.

When I got the awareness of what was clouding me, I began to take a step back and what happened after was remarkable! It was like... I pressed a reset button in my head. My creativity exploded. Songs, scripts, characters and ideas would download into my brain regularly. My curiosity was childlike. My energy increased and most of all my mental real estate improved.

My mind is an expensive piece of land lol. Do I want something or someone, that adds no value to my life, to have my full, undivided, attention? Hell no! Are you obsessing about a person or a circumstance you can't change? If the answer is yes, then that means in those moments you have been losing valuable real estate in your mind. Do you think that person or circumstance is obsessing over you? Probably not. And what did you gain? .....Maybe stress, annoyance, frustration and pain.

When you catch yourself giving away mental real that holiday re-gift you don't these exercises:

 Look down at your feet.

Ask yourself what color shoes are you wearing?

What clothes are you wearing?

Where are you sitting/standing?

What's the date?

What day is it?

What's in front of you right now? Etc.

While you're answering these questions..... you are actually getting your mind PRESENT.  You just gave yourself a gift! You won't be able to answer the above questions and obsess over bullshit at the same time. You're welcome! You also gave yourself an opportunity to improve your mental real estate.

In conclusion, when you find yourself giving away valuable mental real estate....start sending up eviction notices!

This message has been brought to you by BENJAMIN HEY! - leader of the #Hey!Team

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