Ben Damptey, better known by the stage name Benjamin Hey!, is a singer/songwriter, actor and writer from Brooklyn, New York.  A mix between various musical influences such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Jay Z, Mariah Carey & Babyface, Benjamin Hey! uses music to tell a story - his story.

As a writer, Benjamin Hey! gets to create characters and stories as he does with his music. As an actor, he is able to bring those characters and stories to life. Whether he's playing a hard-working father in a tax commercial, a street thug or a white collar civilian, Benjamin Hey! gets to bring a sensitivity to those roles that is all his own. "I was taught that everyone has a story and their story deserves to be told. As an actor, I get to step into the character, connect to the words and perform the work. How blessed am I?" -Benjamin Hey!


Photographer: Manufoto

Artist: Benjamin Hey!